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Muu?’s Post-Mortem, this time not so good

In this LD my game was bad, and my scores confirm it.
You can play it here:
Space Mission Part 2

Or watch my timelapse here:

Most ratings were low, and i think some of them could have been lower. Now let’s see what scores i got and why i got them.
Fun: #354 (2.96)
Whoa! I didn’t expect this vote was this high. Pretty much everyone told me my game was freaking hard, with only one live during the entire game. The first part was too hard for many and dying in seconds during the second part should have annoyed everyone else.. This makes me think a lot on what people find fun.

Audio: #444 (2.45)
This time BFXR was on my side too, it created cheap and effective sounds for me. Probably the voting was nerfed by the complete absence of music.

Humor: #446 (2.19)
What did people find fun? Exploding before the first planet? Playing and insanely hard shooter to get squashed in less than 10 seconds during runner part?

Mood: #506 (2.58)
2.5+ score. I wasn’t expecting this, too. When i play a game so hard it is frustrating, it sets my mood level to 0.

Overall: #541 (2.79)
Overall, I am in the second half. This means people found my game mediocre and i think they are right. My game is rushed in some parts and it is not well polished.

Graphics: #701 (2.35)
The second part of my game killed this score. I personally think the ship and planet sprites are fine, everything else like bullets or all the sprites in the second part was rushed and not so good looking. Lastly, the particle effects weren’t really in line with other sprites.

Theme: #815 (2.10)
Nothing to complain here, pretty much every other game used the theme in better and more interesting ways.

Innovation: #830 (1.98)
Making a shooter, a runner and a sequel (of my previous ld entry) is not so original. I got what i deserved.

Now for a real postmostem

The good

A game – This is the only good point i can think of. I made a complete game: main menu, two intros, two levels and an ending screen. The game is not so good, but meh, i made one and i think it is enough.

The bad

Difficulty – I’ve increased the game’s difficulty in the last 5-6 hours, without testing it deeply. This increased the difficulty from “three years old child” to “OMFG SHOOT SHOOT OH GOD NO SHOOT!!!”, making it a lot more frustrating.
A mediocre game – Fair. I made a mediocre entry and i got mediocre ratings.
Tools – I still haven’t created (or found, for what it matters) a good, fast and easy to use open library for 2d sprites, which i use for most projects. The one i used was rushed in a couple days and it was far from perfection. I need to fill this gap before the next LD.
Pratice – Between the two LDs i didn’t make any project and I still have a lot to learn about Unity3D.

Space Mission Post Mortem and Timelapse

First, link to this game:

Then, a screen:
Space Mission Screen

This night i went to sleep at 3am, i woke at 5:30 and went to work (i start at 7am), my head hurts a lot and i feel i need more than two hours of sleep tonight. I played my game a couple times again and this is my post mortem:

The Good

A complete game: the game had everything. Start Menu, Game Intro, Actual Game, Game Ending.
Graphics: My Achille’s heel, i don’t know how, i don’t know why, but i found a graphical style and i made a couple simple animations. Achieving this gave me enough satisfaction.
Sound: I’m really happy about the game sounds. Bfxr was a good choice and this music generator completed the work.
My first Ludum Dare: Since I found out about Ludum Dare in 2009, I always wanted to participate in this competition, and this was my first entry. I really enjoyed it!

The Bad

Crap story: The story intro/ending were made in the last 3 hours, i never thought about them till the very last and i wrote some cheap texts.
The game is too short: There’s only one level, it’s kinda boring and it can be finished in less than one minute and a half.
Tools: My Unity3D and C# knowledges are low, i started toying them about a couple month ago. I got struck a lot of time trying to figure out how to progress (eg 2+ hours for jetpack physics).
Bad programming techniques: Using copy-paste between objects and spaghetti antipattern is usually a bad thing, trough i think it may be ok for fast developement. I wrote really few comments on my code, which is always a bad thing.
Timing: I had other things to do in this weekend, I stopped once in a while to eat and I slept enough during the first day. I managed to work 20-22 hours and submit my entry ten minutes before compo end, but probably that’s was only luck. :) Having added at least one or two level and a boss fight could have improved my game a bit.

And last but not the least, my timelapse: