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Expanding my reach: Mac OS X

Since i started using Unity3D last October, my will was to test my not-released games on every device i had. This was limiting me to Webplayer and PC only, but then Unity team offered for free both Android and iOS licenses and i got my chance to test apps on my old HTC Desire. But I felt it was not enough, so i decided to add a Mac to my desk and bought a not-so-cheap MacBoo Pro 15″, an used Mid 2010 model, with dual core i7 2.66GHz CPU, 4GB ram and NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M video card.
I personally prefer to use Windows for my programming needs, but having a Mac could help learn and test new things.

Next step? An iPhone and/or an iPad. Then a Ferrari 458 Italia. 🙂

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Deus Ex 3: HR (High Requirements)

To clarify what i said in previous post, Deus Ex 3 is the first and only game I’m playing at 1680×1050 with no AA since i bought my Dell M1730, I usually play at 1920×1200. I never care about good graphics (i have a console too!), but this game is really resource demanding for what it offers. Probably turning on SLI will solve this problem, but why a single GeForce8800M GTX can’t play it well remains a mystery.

Even with those 360/ps3 like graphics, I think this is a really awesome game.