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Unity3D 2D Tools

I’ve completed a bunch of tools for drawing sprites from 2D tiled sheets. This is a cheap toolset (roughly 300 lines of code) and I’m sure there are better ones around, but I find it pretty fast to use in my projects and I will probably use it in my smallest 2D projects. This tool supports pixel perfect sprites and dynamic batching from sprites coming from the same spritesheet.

My tools are licensed under BDS-3 Clause and can be used freely for both free and commercial projects.

You can clone it from BitBucket or GitHub

Or you can download it here:
2DTools (984 downloads)

Look next page for old versions:

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Paper waste

After months of inactivity i suddenly triple post on the same day! Woohoo!
This time the point is my printer. My parents had two printers and this one came with me when I moved here, but I was using the other one on my Dell. But that wasn’t the important part.
Now I’m configuring this Brother DCP-J315W for my home network, I made a mistake while configuring the wifi setting and the printer decided to print a log on a A4 paper including error type, and the same possible solutions I found on the manual. Why couldn’t it display an error on it’s 3 inch display? A tree is crying for this waste.
Then, when I finally connected it to my router, it printed again a message like “Connection: OK”. Another tree died for nothing…
Bah. I have to delete this day from my calendar.

Personal Life

One post, three WTF?

This post will be short:

Ikea Malkolm Chair First WTF: i bought an Ikea Chair, and the pieces to build it came inside the back. Interesting…

Second WTF: This article appeared on my local newspaper, title says “Nella lite spunta la motosega”. Giving a very rough translation of the article: two car nearly had an accident, the guys on them started a babble and one guy pulled out a chainsaw. That happened near (approx 15km) from my place. Now I really think this is a safe place.

Clock Third and biggest WTF: As my (two or three) readers will probably know, I live in Italy, a country build where the huge Roman Empire was. Thought we didn’t inherit anything good (arts excluded) from that glorious empire, we sometimes still use roman numbers, usually in clocks. The clock in the photo is the one I bought for my new home and I liked it really much, until I realized about a number: the four. I almost had an heart attack when I saw it. How could people build a clock ith a four written like IIII instead of IV???