Make clean readable code…

…and, in case you can’t, comment it well.

Just a quick note for myself. I was reading an old code I used in a prototype, I know what the script does but I really cannot figure how to actually use it in my new game, how it does what it does or how I could improve it. I guess I’ll have to waste time by building again the same stuff, perhaps this time with a cleaner code and comments explaining stuff.


Corridors and multiple floor maps

MapGen I’m still working on this map generator, a project absolutely bigger than my programming knowledge, but I’m actuallly enjoying it. It now features different level shapes, multiple floor generation and corridors (printed in green in the demo). I didn’t add a way to explore different floor, so only the topmost one will be shown. As you can see in most maps the corridors are pretty lame.

It needs some more features, like stairs connecting the floors and a better corridor placement script.
You can find the new version here.

Game Development Personal Life


Holidays are gone. For me they didn’t even start, I kept working on my big project: going the indie way.
This year I decided to take part in One Game A Month, a competition requiring to release at least twelve game a year.
I know most of them will be simple games like the ones I make during game jams/competitions but I hope to release at least one, maybe two, commercial games.
That’s it, I want nothing more from my 2013, only a bunch of games.

Stay tuned!