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Why I will give my money to Michael, again.

51Calling by it’s first name a CEO is usually “not educate” but his company’s product is one of my best friends, making him a friend too.
Long story short, a couple days ago I found out that my old Dell XPS M1730 lappy was able to reproduce 5.1 audio without an external sound card or adapter. It fucks my mind to see an output cable plugged into a microphone hole, which is supposed to be an input, but it works and it works pretty well. I have this pc since 2008, at the time the possibility of having a 2,8ghz dual core and two Nvidia 8800M GTX in a laptop surprised me a lot, and sometimes this laptop still surprises me.

And this why, when time will come, I will only replace this laptop with another from this series.

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This script works well while in Unity Editor
GameObject obj = new GameObject("MyObject");
MyScript s = obj.AddComponent();

But when calling it in a Android APK it return a Null Pointer Reference error when calling MethodThatInstantiateSomething, at the line where Instantiate() is called.



Make clean readable code…

…and, in case you can’t, comment it well.

Just a quick note for myself. I was reading an old code I used in a prototype, I know what the script does but I really cannot figure how to actually use it in my new game, how it does what it does or how I could improve it. I guess I’ll have to waste time by building again the same stuff, perhaps this time with a cleaner code and comments explaining stuff.