Squid Arena

Play Squid Arena now.
(Requires Unity Web Player)

What is it?
This was more a bunch of Unity3D tests rather than a designed game, but it came up in a playable way and I thought it was a waste not uploading it somewhere. It is a really simple game.

How to play the game:
In this game players are squids, or something that vaguely resemble them, in a squared arena and have to shot each other to win. Each player controls its squid using only two buttons and those buttons control a squid’s left and right cannon respectively. Each time a squid shot it gets pulled and rotated backwards, so shooting controls movement too.


Button PC/Mac controls Android touch corner
Player 1 left Left arrow Lower left
Player 1 right Right arrow Lower right
Player 2 left A Upper right
Player 2 right D Upper left
Menu controls: PC/Mac controls Android touch corner
Select voices Left arrow Lower left
Enter/Edit Right arrow Lower right
Enable/Disable music A Upper right
Colorblind mode D Upper left

What about licensing?
The game is free. And open source, too! It’s released under Modified BSD License. You can see/clone the source code at BitBucket and GitHub.
The music was from Matt McFarland and it’s released under CC BY 3.0 creative commons license.

Where’s the android version?
Click on the link below: (remember to allow installation from “unknown sources” in your device settings)
Squid Arena Android APK (442 downloads)

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