Muu?'s (@lanoiadimuu) Ludum Dare #25 Entry | Invasion 2600


You control the top blue / red crosshair, either by horizontal mouse movement or by left and right arrows.

You are ready to fire when your crosshair is red
Press 1-6 to shot at bases from when your crosshair is.
(eg. 2 will shot the second base)

When your crosshair becomes triple, you can fire a missile which later splits in 3.
Press QWERTY to shot it.
If have a QWERTZ layout, mostly like a German keyboard, you can use Z instead of Y.

P - Pauses the game
ESCAPE - While in menus: Back. While in pause: Back to home screen.
ENTER - While in menus: Confirm.

If you are old enough*, you will know what Missile Command is about.
Someone (I never found out who) is trying to destroy you precious bases.
And you have to shot missiles at incoming missiles.
In this simple clone, you will play the attacking side: your goal is to destroy someone's (which we don't know who) bases.
You enemy will score point for every missile it destroys, make sure he gets the least possible score points.

This game was made in more or less 12 hours

KNOW BUG: When you win, you have to press P to get back to main menu.

Here's a link to my entry page.

Want to play it offline? Download links:
Windows x86 | Windows x86-64 | MacOSX | Linux x86 | Linux x86-64 | Linux Universal | Source

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* BTW, I'm from 1989. actually I am not old enough.