Entering Ludum Dare

Ok, my blog looks pretty dead. “Why do you never add new posts?” You may ask “Because this nation (==Italy) is killing people’s dreams” I will reply.
I have really nothing to write here, what I’m really doing in those crisis times is: work-home-work-home-work-home. Yeah, and I work for 9 hours a day. And for what? Absolutely nothing. Yes, i could tell you my salary is good. But does this really matter? I’m getting no fun.
But I’m a lazy one, when I’m home I like to sit in front of my PCs and stare at ’em, hoping that something will happen. So i decided for my mind’s sake to take part in 22nd Ludum Dare Competition wich will be held this month, to get a little more motivation.

For those who do not know about it, it’s a game programming contest where a theme is announced at the beginning of the contest and programmers have exactly 48 hours to make a game based on that theme. Then every participant can vote other’s games and the highest rated wins. What does it win? Nothing. “The prize is your product

In this post you can read my eloquent entering post and a photo of my working desk (without my EEEPC 704).
The competition will be held from 16th to 18th December, I’m readying necessary programs and utilities and i will probably stream it.

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Italian developer who loves everything in technology, from mechanics to electronics to IT. A guy who actually messed up with his school education and dropped it at 17, pursuing his own interests only.

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